Novyx, leader of The Supernova Revolution, seeks to blow up City Hall and it is up to The Starlight Knight to save the day. But is this story really so black and white?
Part of the Oath Anthology of New Heroes

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Spark & The Starlights
A collaboration with writer Ted Anderson.
9-year old Lucia is a telekinetic superhero with an aptitude for mechanical engineering. Together with her teen superhero mentors, The Starlights, Lucia learns how to fight crime using ingenuity, imagination, and teamwork.

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[R-18] Narcisso's Dream
Narcisso silently grapples with his strange desires. Contains body-horror and sexual imagery.

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[R-18] Bubblegum Lovers
Several short and cute erotic comics about a pegging couple. Contains sexual imagery.

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[R-18] The Cutest Gangbang
Artbook featuring the cutest gangbang ever.

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